5 Things to Know About the ASUS ZenScreen

You should know about the Asus Zen Screen before buying. This compact monitor is designed to keep you productive wherever you go. So if you need to present yours.

Ideas to a client, catching up on some work while waiting for a flight, or simply demanding a little extra screen space on your desk, the Zen Screen could be for you.

And if you want to know the ins and outs before taking the plunge, don’t go anywhere because we’ve taken a deep dive into its specs and taken a look at a bunch of online.

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The Asus Zen Screen offers extended visuals when working on a laptop, tablet, or gaming monitor. Functioning as an additional display screen, it’s an excellent accessory to help create a more seamless workflow. And it’s particularly advantageous for those needing a portable workstation or for anyone who is short on desk space. And if you’re looking for a smart solution to help convert your smartphone into a computer, this will do it. It has one cord connection.

This Zen Screen uses one single cable to instantly connect to your device. It features a hybrid signal solution that supports power and video transmission and enables compatibility with USB Type-C or Type-A ports. It’s what makes this display so popular. And as a bonus, this Asus monitor is even available with a tripod-compatible screw thread for a hands-free experience. It’s available in different models and sizes. As with any ad monitor, the Zen Screen comes in various different models and sizes.

For example, the regular Zen Screen Touch and Zen screen Go measure 15.6 inches, while the Zen Screen Ink is slightly smaller at 14 inches. There are varying display types too, including IPS and OLED. For many, the size factor might be the most important, especially if you’re planning to use it on the go. And in that respect, the 14-inch ink model might be your best bet. It has a clever cover. So how are you supposed to mount this screen exactly? Well, it’s equipped with a smart cover that features an adjustable fold-out stand, so you can prop this monitor on any flat surface, tilt it and easily adjust it.

This is top-notch for the best viewing angles and comfortable working positions. And we love that it automatically detects its orientation and switches between landscape and portrait modes for seamless viewing and presenting. It has a blue light filter. Blue light emitted from screens is infamous for causing headaches and eyestrain, and many of us wear blue light-blocking glasses to counter axis. The Zen Screen, however, features a built-in blue light filter, which has four different intensity settings which are easily adjustable. This technology reduces the harmful emission of blue light on your display, which is advantageous for looking at a screen for extended periods.

And you get Flicker Free technology thrown into it for even greater eye protection. So are you thinking about buying the Asus Zen screen? If so, which device are you looking to connect to?

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